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Experience the ultimate celebration of a vibrant, alluring, and dynamic pop sensation on our music platform. This lively homage to the fresh and vibrant pop diva is an exhilarating showcase designed to captivate and energize the audience, ensuring everyone is up and dancing.


Immerse yourself in the hits that have taken the music world by storm, including chart-toppers like 'R.I.P', 'I Will Never Let You Down', 'Ritual', 'Let You Love Me', and 'Praising You'. This thrilling performance spans a full hour, delivering non-stop entertainment.


Choose from three exciting formats to tailor your experience: revel in the charisma of Sammi as Rita in a solo act, amplify the stage presence with Sammi accompanied by two sensational dancers, or elevate the performance with Sammi backed by a dynamic live band. Whichever option you select, prepare for an electrifying journey into the world of music and entertainment.

Booking Information

To book RADIOACTIVE for an event or to make further enquiries,

please use the contact button on the right.

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