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We are an ambitious entertainment business looking to succeed.


Our company, ELYTE Management, provides captivating entertainment for venues across the UK and Worldwide.

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who are eager to continually learn and grow in the industry. We're building a diverse group of entertainers so that we can offer a wide variety of entertainment options to meet our clients' unique needs and preferences.

At our company, we're committed to providing exciting and unforgettable performances that exceed our clients' expectations. We take great pride in our work and approach every project with enthusiasm and integrity. We understand that entertainment isn't just about putting on a show but creating an experience that resonates with our clients and their audiences.

Our goal is to build a reputation for providing high-quality entertainment that our clients can trust. We'll work hard to understand what works best and to develop a proven track record of success.


We believe in ourselves, and we're excited to show the world what we can do!

Our Team


Matt Ely

Hi, I'm Matt Ely, founder of ELYTE Management.

After representing two close friends in the music industry, I became passionate about putting on more great shows across the country.


Natasha Ely

Hi there!

I'm Natasha Ely, co-founder of ELYTE Management.


Music and entertainment has been a huge part of my life, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to turn my passion into a career.


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