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Ultra 90s vs 2000s

Come with us on this spectacular trip back to the unforgettable era of dance anthems, House, Chart, Club Classics, Drum n Bass, Trance and Hip Hop.

Feel good tunes from over 2 decades.

“There is no other show like it!!”  


  • All your Favourite Dance Anthems from the 90s, 00s and beyond

  • Stunning visuals

  • Unique song mashups

  • An incredible live band

  • Powerful vocals

  • Creative lighting

  • Exciting arrangements

  • Awesome dance routines

  • Impressive costumes

  • Loads of Energy

Ultra 90s vs 2000s

Imagine you’re at your favourite club, with your favourite DJ, mixing all the best dance anthems and you’ve hit the dancefloor, you’re throwing some shapes, reliving the good old days, not a care in the world…

Add live instruments with exceptional performers, some stunning vocals and authentic spine tingling sounds…you know the ones…those that just transport you right back in an instant!

Now heighten your senses some more with insane visuals, an impressive light show, lasers, unique costumes, dance routines, a huge Sound System and a whole load of energy…..

What do you get??  ‘Ultra 90s Vs 2000s’

“They create an incredible atmosphere”

Lead Vocalist, Kelly, has worked hard to pull off the powerful vocals from this era... and Vocalist, MD and Keyboard Player, Chris, has used all his knowledge and experience to recreate the vibe of the 90s/00s club scene mixed with a live concert experience, adding exciting transitions, mash ups and creative flair along with strong vocals. 

Banger after banger from acts such as Snap!, David Guetta, 2 Unlimited, Calvin Harris, Faithless, Pendulum, Livin’ Joy and Fatboy Slim to name a few.

DJ, Hype Man and Vocalist, Cory, brings bags of energy and craziness to the stage - some people think he's 'Bonkers'. As DJ before and after the main show to set the mood and keep you partying til close.... 

Booking Information

To book Ultra 90s vs 2000s for an event or to make further enquiries, please use the contact button on the right.

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